Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naming Contest!!!

Just to tell you that there's another Naming Contest going on on my FB page!

From time to time I ask people to name one of my crocheted animals. The best name wins something i made.

This time the creature to be named is my newest stripy creature - 


and near the beautiful cyclamen:

how do i look?!

prize sheep!
and the prize is this little pink sheep. The contest ends on Friday, so if you would like to play and have a go - take a very good look at this creature (you can also see it in my etsy shop), think hard what sort of name would suit best, and  write it in the contest thread in the FB page wall. There are already several very good offers, so do your best!

And also - i wanted to thank Sandra from Herzensart, for displaying my bird on her wonderful blog. I was so honored! Thank you, Sandra!

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