Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in the Box?

Yesterday i got a mysterious package.

I went to the post office, waited in line while the lady was busy with other people's packages, waited for her to locate my own, and generally felt like a very excited child. Apparently it was contagious, because the lady looked at  me, and her face went from "busy" to "wonder". Then she started smiling, then gradually got to laughing. She asked me why i was smiling so much myself.

The package was from Sandra of Herzensart. With great difficulty i decided not to open the package on the spot: It was to come with me to a coffee shop.

This particular coffee shop we've never been to before, and as we entered the door we were overwhelmed by the incredible amount of flowers, porcelain and porcelain flowers everywhere.

We found a table, sat down, and i finally started opening my package...

... and peeking inside...

and found treasures!

lovely vintage papers and notebooks, which i don't know whether to celebrate and write in them (i really, really want to) or just admire their looks and safekeep them.

the treasure-box contained another something: a treasurer to reign over it all...

Bonjour, Madame Antoinette!

She immediately felt at home at this flowery porcelainy place (it was pretty dark there - i couldn't capture the true splendor of the setting):

and made friends -

We were oblivious to the strange looks we attracted, competing each other for weirder and funnier settings. Like this, for instance -

She's so NICE, smiling like that!  I love her hair and the bits of it flying around... and her flushed cheeks... and her dotty nose... and her collar... everything about her is perfect. No wonder she likes mirrors.

I also got this viking postcard. He's all about "when the going gets tough, the viking gets going". He's safekeeping my fridge now.

Packages are awesome. Thank you so much, Sandra!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. oh Lidar, you´re so welcome. So our fridges both keep a piece of each other, that´s nice to know :)
    And your cute birdy with his funny eyes is staring at me while I´m typing this. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! X Sandra