Thursday, December 29, 2011

Keeping An Open Mind

There was this Saturday on which i felt adventurous. Like going to places we don't usually go to, and find fun things. Alas, we had many things to do on that particular Saturday, so i had to wait patiently for all those tasks to end. Home chores, family obligations. The day was running out, and my adventurousness grew (patiently!) wider and wider.

Tasks at last behind us, we decided to go to this field of anemones, a place i went to years ago and remembered to be lovely.

Navigating from memory and trying to beat the clock, we got there close to dusk. But as we got closer, we discovered the anemones weren't there anymore! They're all gone, and now there's just an empty field!

But the adventure!!! There was very little time before darkness, but we couldn't just give up and go home. We decided to keep an open mind, and, feeling lame and stupid, we drove on a little, to look for adventures in the next forsaken empty field. and this is what we found there:

Huge pipes laying around and looking very much like dinosaurs (well, to a worked up adventurous mind they did, anyway). When the sun was setting, it really became a joy -

Lots of copper-orange-ochre round things with beautiful textures. We ran around like a couple of frantic weirdos, pointing out stuff, taking pics and trying to catch the light in its last moments.

The next day I woke up needing to make something orange and roundish. I needed to feel and watch an orange thread on my left hand, rounding up to orange limbs of an orange creature on my right hand. It is weird to explain, but it was completely physical.

It finally became this creature. You can see it, too, keeps an open mind (it doesn't look very adventurous though. It's more of an indoors homey creature).

Another thing keeping an open mind around here is this valentine bird:

I had to take that photo, because its expression reminded me those of Sandra Monat's wonderful Marie Antoinette bead heads.

The problem is, they skip this open-mind phase quickly. This valentine bird is all grown up now, with a firmly closed head and a hanger to hang from.

Have a happy, colorful, adventurous and open-minded 2012!

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