Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We are having a guest here - a very very nice puppy

This is the last of the anemones - a late bloomer. We're on the verge of summer!

i've been looking for my nasturtium seeds for weeks. Found them at last, while spring-cleaning. I planted them and am hoping it's not too late. Meanwhile, this one arrived from nowhere -

if you look closely you'll see he's not growing from the pot, but from under the pot.  Probably lives on two grains of sand and a drop of water. I love nasturtiums - they're so modest. 

There are also the weeds that i was too lazy to take out, and that's lucky because now they are blooming, next to the parsley

I never knew parsley was so easy to grow. I got one pot of it last year, and now i keep finding new siblings everywhere. And another lively dweller is this violet -

He seems to have aspirations!

Crochet-Wise - lately i've been asked whether i use wire in my crocheted creatures - for example, in these sheep's legs (this picture always reminds me of that shot from "Armageddon"):

So - no, i don't use wire. when i wanted to make arms and legs and horns, and wanted them to be firm but still remain children-safe and washable, i played a little with crochet and Tunisian Crochet techniques, and came up with this simple method. Basically it's a sewn piece of Tunisian crochet. Although i'm sure other people use it, because it's very simple really, i haven't yet seen it anywhere else. I use it a lot when crocheting my creatures, and i like the play of textures and character it gives the piece, knowing it's all "only" yarn. It's nice that the same hook and yarn can create both a soft fabric and a firm limb - depending only on the technique. So i've photographed and written A SHORT TUTORIAL on this, and you can now get it for FREE when buying one of my patterns

Going back to making owls now - thankfully on the bench outside, oh blessed daylight saving time. have a nice weekend!

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