Saturday, April 14, 2012

If I Could Only

This picture was taken 18 months ago. These dolls were my first "independent" thing, the first things i ever made up and then proceeded to create with my own hands and was actually satisfied with. That took almost four decades...

I love crocheting. I love staring at the skeins and colors, empty my mind and let color and texture take control and dance together, until that colorful blur solidifies itself into a vision of the Thing it wants to be. I love that first moment of taking the hook and yarn in my hands and watching the idea turn itself into a real, touchable thing.

It's like magic. Especially for an ex-programmer who used to live under the analytical regime of The Left Hemisphere. Now left-hemisphere likes to take vacations from time to time.

I would really love to spend a couple of days just crocheting, but there are other Things To Do. However, if you feel like crocheting yourself, i've added a new Owl Tutorial to the etsy shop, so you can make your own colorful owls! Also, when purchasing any pattern from the shop, there is a bonus free technique tutorial for making "my tubes"* that i use for birds legs.

* (it's really weird for me to call them "my tubes", being made in a pretty simple technique. But honestly, i've made them up myself when fooling around  - never seen this anywhere else. So for that matter, "my tubes" they are!)

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